The Nerd Herd

2016 About the 4th Annual Virtual Race Series

The Nerd Herd’s Fourth Annual Virtual Racing Series to raise funds for Stupid Cancer is here! If you ran with us last year, you may find this year’s race themes a bit familiar, but look again. For 2016, we are looking for the sidekicks to have their turn at glory. We at Nerd Herd Running play the role of the sidekick to the ever-brave, ever-fearless Stupid Cancer. YOU play the role of our sidekick. We want you to know how much you’re appreciated. This series is for you – for us. For 2016, It’s Our Time!

We’re starting off Nerd Herd Running’s It’s Our Time Virtual Racing Series with the Let the Wookiee Win 5k.  The race will take place May 2-8, 2016.  Runners ​who ​register ​for ​this ​race ​will ​receive ​a ​printable ​bib ​via ​email ​to ​wear ​as they complete ​their ​5k ​(3.1-mile) ​run ​or ​walk.  You can do it all at once, or spread it out over several days.  Just gather up your running gear and punch it, Chewie!


The second race in the series is the Companion for a Day 5k/10k.  You can head out for your 5k (3.1 miles) or 10k (6.2 miles) at any time during the week of July 4-10, 2016.  For that brief moment in time, you could be the most important person in the whole wide universe.


We’re finishing up the series with the Until the Very End 5k/Half Marathon.  Run or walk your 5k (3.1 miles) or half marathon (13.1 miles) any time between September 5-11, 2016.  Not sure you can do an entire half marathon?  Remember, working hard is important, but there is something that matters even more: believing in yourself.  We’ll be there to support you until the very end.


Runners who register for all three races and complete the entire series will also receive a bonus fourth medal.  All four medals combine together for one awesome display.  And for the first time ever, you can choose to receive all of your medals after the first race or at the completion of the entire trilogy!


Now that you have seen our medals, you may ask why there are no faces on them. We like to think it is because real heroes are not remembered for what they look like. They are remembered for what they do. Any of us sidekicks can be the true heroes. You will be remembered for what you are doing for Stupid Cancer and all the faceless strangers who benefit from your actions. Your faces complete these medals. It’s YOUR time. YOU are the heroes.

… But wait, there’s more! In 2016 we decided to make our medal display plaque available at registration. Here are images of the plaque showing what it looks like with the medals and without them. There is an option to order this plaque on the trilogy registration page.



Why run this race series?  Why pay to potentially run all by yourself?  In addition to sweet custom medals, a custom race bib for each race, and access to a Facebook community of other virtual runners, you are supporting the fight against cancer.  All net proceeds from the Nerd Herd Race Series events benefit Stupid Cancer.

To register for the entire trilogy to run all three races AND receive the bonus medal, click here.

To register for the Let the Wookiee Win 5k only, click here.

To register for the Companion for a Day 5k/10k only, click here.

To register for the Until the Very End 5k/Half Marathon only, click here.

For additional information feel free to like us on Facebook, tweet us, or contact us through the website for more information.