The Nerd Herd

2017 Escape the Upside Down 5k/Eleven Miler

We’re finishing up the Nerds Run the World Challenge with the Escape the Upside Down 5k/Eleven Miler.  Run or walk your 5k (3.1 miles) or Eleven Miler any time between October 2, 2017 and October 8, 2017. You can do the race all in one shot or take a few days if you need to.  Either way, we’ll send you a printable race bib via email for you to wear.  Not sure if you can run 11 miles?  Don’t worry, we believe in you.  And friends don’t lie!

Nerd Herd Running Escape the Upside Down MEDAL 2send_3_17

Are you up to the challenge?! To register for the entire trilogy to run all three races AND receive the bonus medal, click here.
To register for the Escape the Upside Down 5k/Eleven Miler only, click here.
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