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Award Categories for the Nerd Awakens 5k

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You guys know that we like nerds of all abilities to join us for our race series. That’s why we don’t give out prizes to the fastest finishers. We want everyone to have a chance to win, not just the fast kids! (Plus we really like rewarding nerdy creativity instead.) For the Nerd Awakens 5k, there will be three categories that you can enter to win a prize:

Category 1: Best Star Wars Costume.
That’s pretty self explanatory, right? Doesn’t matter if you bought the costume from a store, sewed it in your basement craft room, or made it out of duct tape and aluminum foil. As long as we can tell who or what you’re supposed to be, and it has some connection to Star Wars, it’s eligible!

Category 2: Best Homemade Light Saber
It doesn’t count if you bought a make your own lightsaber kit from Target or the Disney Store. We want you to be creative! Pull out some empty soup cans, fluorescent light bulbs, and colored plastic wrap. Or maybe a pool noodle and a couple colors of duct tape. Just keep in mind that if your light saber is too good, we may ask you to provide before and after photos to really prove your awesomeness.

Category 3: Best Photo of you Sleeping in your Race Clothes We want to see your inner nerd awakening, get it? Cuddle up in your Wampa sleeping bag or wrapped around your toy Chewbacca and get a picture. (Yes, you must be wearing clothes. No naked nerds!) Bonus points if you’re sleeping in your Star Wars jammies.

To be eligible to win one of our award categories, you must post a photo that shows you and your race bib to the Nerd Awakens 5k event page located at Entries will be accepted until June 1st, at which point the Nerd Herd will review all the photos and giggle uncontrollably at the silly awesomeness. Ears up!

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