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Award Categories for the Run, You Clever Nerd 5k/10k

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It’s almost time for the second race in the Nerdly Hallows Trilogy… the Run, You Clever Nerd 5k/10k! A race inspired by our favorite television show about a madman with a box, Doctor Who.  That means it’s also time to announce the award categories.  Since time can be rewritten and the Doctor lies, we’re not giving out prizes for the fastest nerds.  Instead, we’re rewarding the most creative nerds!  Or at the very least, the nerds who make us laugh hardest.  There are three award categories for the Run, You Clever Nerd 5k/10k:

Category 1: Best Costume
Dress up as the Doctor, one of his companions, or even a sworn enemy.  With over 800 episodes of Doctor Who, there are plenty of costumes to use as inspiration.  Heck, there are at least 13 actors who’ve portrayed the Doctor and they each wear a distinct outfit!  Pick your favorite and pull together a costume.  Bonus points if you can pull off a character with an extra degree of difficulty such as an Ood, a Weeping Angel, or a Sontaran.

Category 2: Best Running Photo
If there’s one thing you should know about Doctor Who, it’s that there’s a lot of running. Seriously, there’s an outrageous amount of running involved.  We want to see you in action!  Get a companion to take your picture while you run your 5k or 10k.  Or pretend you’re in a Michael Bay film and stage a slow motion run away from a giant explosion.  Go on, you know you want to do it!

Category 3: Best Use of the Doctor’s Accessories
The Doctor really likes his accessories.  Grab your favorite time lord inspired accessory and show use how you use it.  You could pick the TARDIS, sonic screwdriver, bow tie, 3-D glasses, banana, scarf, timey-wimey detector, K-9, round things, celery stalks, leather jackets, a fez or any other brilliant idea you can come up with.  The possibilities are endless!

To be eligible to win one our award categories, you must post a photo that shows you and your race bib to the Run, You Clever Nerd 5k/10k event page located at  Entries will be accepted until August 9th.  After that the Nerd Herd will review all entries, pick our favorites, and announce the winners.  Ears up!


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