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Award Categories for the Up To No Good 5k/Half Marathon

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It’s almost time for the final race in the Nerdly Hallows Trilogy!  The Up To No Good 5k/Half Marathon will take place between October 5th and 11th.  As usual, we want to reward you for being giant nerds and we picked three award categories that we think will best show that off.  If you haven’t already done so, you should start planning now!

Category 1:  Best Costume
You know what we’re talking about.  Break out your robes, house colors, and broomsticks and get into character.  Anything family friendly goes.  Dress up as the Chosen One, a member of the Weasley Family, He Who Shall Not Be Named, a hunky Bulgarian quidditch player, or our personal favorite, the always entertaining Luna Lovegood.


Category 2: Best Patronus
A Patronus is a guardian which generally takes the shape of the animal with whom the witch or wizard shares the deepest affinity.  (If you didn’t know that, we’re gonna assume you plan to spend the next few weeks either reading all seven books or watching all eight movies.  Go on, we’ll wait for you.)  We want to know what creature you would conjure to protect you from a dementor.  Concentrate on a single, very happy memory to create your corporeal patronus and show us what you chose.  If you don’t happen to have a stag, an elephant, or a Portugeuse man o’ war with you at all times to take a photo, that’s okay.  Post any photo or drawing of the animal as long as you include your name and bib number.  If you need a little help deciding what your patronus would be, you can always take this quiz:


Category 3: Best Photo in your Nerdly Hallows Trilogy t-shirt
Take a photo wearing your Nerdly Hallows t-shirt someplace that is meaningful to you.  Whether that’s at the hospital where you received treatment for cancer, or the local library where you first discovered the wonder of the wizarding world, or the end of a trail that you never would have seen if you hadn’t stumbled across it during the race.  If you were one of the awesome people who ordered our Nerdly Hallows t-shirt, you get a leg up in this category.  But if you never ordered a shirt, that’s still okay.  You can just make your own at home.


To be eligible to win one our award categories, you must post a photo that shows you and your race bib to the Up To No Good 5k/ Half Marathon event page on facebook.  Entries will be accepted until October 23rd.  After that the Nerd Herd will review all entries, pick our favorites, and announce the winners.  Ears up!



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