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Since starting this nerdy adventure back in 2013 we have found that we have a lot of love for nerds. We all have jobs and families and friends who naturally pull us in other directions in our day-to-day lives, but we nerds remain connected by our love of this idea that we can do more. And, in turn, nerds have a lot of love for us. In the spirit of the holiday, we wanted to take a moment to think about this love of what we do, why we do it, who we do it with and who we do it for.

First, a Founding Nerd’s perspective. Nerd Sara had this to say:

Why do I love Nerd Herd Running? It isn’t just because I am one of the founding members, though I suppose that is a good place to start. I truly believe that the other founding members are people that should be looked up to, my soul mates, friends who are family. They want to spend their time doing good in this world, and will do anything for you. These friends have gotten me through bad and good. They have been there for me on so many amazing days like Epic Thursday, my wedding day (Nerd Erinn even married us!), and when I finally got to see Foo Fighters in concert. They have picked me up when I was sad or angry, they have laughed with me, and sailed to paradise alongside me. These are damn good people, and I am humbled that they are my friends.

Why else do I love Nerd Herd Running? It is because of the response we have gotten over the last three years from all of you. We wanted to continue our work with a charity organization following the final year of Team AllEars, so we had this idea we could get another 100 runners or so to join us in virtual runs to raise money for Stupid Cancer. To date, we have had thousands of medals shipped out for our races, raised over $75,000, and have almost 3,700 followers on Facebook. All because of awesome nerds out there who follow us because of running or nerdy reasons or because you feel obligated to because you are family…whatever the reason, we love that you follow us. We love spreading the idea that nerds do, in fact, run the world. We want nerds to be loud and proud about their love of pop culture, books, or music. We want nerdlets to know that someday, you are going to be the ones to run businesses and to come up with life changing and lifesaving ideas. Nerd is no longer a mean name, we are reclaiming it!

Let’s call this a love letter to my fellow founding members AND to our followers. Because of you, I have found another purpose in life. You have made my life more meaningful, and that is priceless.

I love you, awesome nerds.

One of our participants, Richard Osbourne, reached out to us with some words of love. He has participated in all three racing series with Nerd Herd Running and has shown us first hand how we can help others. Here is what he had to say:

My brother introduced me to Nerd Herd Running when the first series was about to begin.  It was a way for us to compete against each other and support a worthy cause as our father had passed away due to cancer and my wife had breast cancer.   Over the few years in an odd way that may mean I have very few friends, this group that I have never met has become like family.  I look forward to what post there may be each day to know what is going on and to enjoy a laugh.

In June 2014, my wife was diagnosed with inoperable appendix cancer.   Now the association with Stupid Cancer became valuable as every article regarding trials, tips on chemo and dealing with a diagnosis is read with intense interest.   Each funny post from the group brings a bit of levity to what is now our lives.  And lastly, the nerd herd founders have taken time to check in on us to see how we are doing just like a family would.

This is why I love Nerd Herd Running.

Ears Up.

Thank you to ALL of you nerds out there who continue to love and support us. Stay tuned for what we have in store for you in 2016!


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