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Happy Birthday Harry Potter Virtual Race Contest Categories

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We had so much fun with our May the 4th (Be With You) virtual race photo contests we wanted to have more contests for our next virtual race, the Happy Birthday Harry Potter 5k and 10K  coming up July 28 — August 3.

Just in case you have yet to register for this awesome experience, tell us which house the Sorting Hat placed you in and get on it! Go here to register for the entire race series (yes, you can still complete the May the 4th (be with you) race and get that medal, too!). Go here to register ONLY for Happy Birthday Harry Potter 5k/10k.

Now that you are registered you can plan on how you are going to win one of our nerdy prizes. Our Happy Birthday Harry Potter race photo contest categories are:

1. Best Pottering Photo
What is “pottering”? Check out these pictures.

2. Best Wizard Costume (or other Harry Potter-themed costume)

3. Best Lightning Bolt Scar/Glasses Combo.

To win you must be a registered runner. Once you complete the race during July 28 — August 3 you can submit your photos by posting them on our Facebook page.

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