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Let the Wookiee Win 5k Awards and Results

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Ladies and Gentlemen, you could have been anywhere in the world today, but you’re here with us in Nerd City!  Are you ready for an awards ceremony?!

From May 2-8, we set a little over 350 nerds loose on the world to run the Let the Wookiee Win 5k. Our participants ran amok on three different continents as they played the part of their favorite Star Wars sidekick. Whether it was running along the beaches of Australia, walking on the treadmill in Pennsylvania, or strolling through the city of Minneapolis, we love knowing our nerds were everywhere. Thank you to everyone who registered and helped us raise money for Stupid Cancer!

Our favorite part of each race is picking award categories that make us smile. We want everyone to have a chance to win, so we try to pick themes that any nerd could embrace. Please check out our winners!

Kelly and Orion Ihme of Kansas win the award for Best Costume. Not only are their race costumes totally on point, they’re also reenacting our favorite scene from Star Wars. How can you say no to a great wookiee prisoner gag?!

277, 278

Kendra Storm of Alabama wins the award for Best Sidekick. Her little one may not be very big yet, but don’t judge her by her size. Some of the biggest nerds we know started out that small!


Our third category was originally for the Best Wookiee Roar video. Sadly, none of our nerds were gutsy enough to share their Chewy impressions.  :(   So we decide to award a Wildcard prize to Callie Zerby of Pennsylvania because she looks like she’s having so much fun in her photo!


And because we know many of you like to see how you did compared to other nerds, we also put together official results. How did you do?

Let the Wookiee Win 5k Results

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