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Medal Monday — a Rose by Any Other Name is Still a Princess

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Welcome to Medal Monday! This is where we share with you our favorite or not-so-favorite medals earned over the years and the stories behind them. Feel free to share your own medal memories with us by emailing Nerd Erinn at Maybe YOUR Medal Monday memory will be shared here!

Today we are featuring RunDisney’s 2017 Princess Half Marathon medal. Nerds Julie and Erinn along with Nerd Friend, Tina, and a few other Nerd Friends found on the course completed the race for this gem yesterday. It is a beautiful medal, but it isn’t my favorite.


Photo credit: Disney Parks Blog

I have a problem truly embracing this medal because it is the Princess Half, not the Beauty and the Beast Half. Sure, the Glass Slipper Challenge is very specific to Cinderella, but that makes sense to me in some weird way given that Walt Disney World is home to Cinderella’s Castle and it is the Challenge’s name, but not the individual race name. Previous half marathon medals have not been so specific to any one princess. They have featured tiaras and specific colors, but not so bluntly yelled out “HEY! THIS IS AURORA’S RUN!” RunDisney’s nod to the upcoming release of the live action Beauty and the Beast movie is marketing genius, sure, but I just wish the medal was a bit more generic and representative of all princesses. Admittedly, I might change my thought process on this if RunDisney created a medal themed after Ariel. The struggle is real.

Medal purist or not, I can’t pass up a good opportunity for a themed race costume. Nerd Julie, Nerd Friend Tina and I decided to embrace the B&B vibe of the weekend and transform into the Bimbettes. We had a ball running around looking for that dreamboat, Gaston, and giddily swooning when we found him.


Laurette, Paulette and Claudette found the burly, brawny Gaston in the Magic Kingdom.

Princess is a fun race, though can be quite crowded at times. We Bimbettes ran into a few friends on the course (Hey, Team AllEars alums!) and made some new ones, too (shout out to Mary Poppins and Donald Duck!). For the most part, all the princesses out there seemed to have a great time. Even those dressed as Belle, who became the focus of our triplet wrath, played along in good fun.


The Bimbettes had a ball on course.

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