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Medal Monday — Minnie’s Debut

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Welcome to Medal Monday! This is where we share with you our favorite or not-so-favorite medals earned over the years and the stories behind them. Feel free to share your own medal memories with us by emailing Nerd Erinn at Maybe YOUR Medal Monday memory will be shared here!

Today’s medal is a favorite based on the experience behind the medal. The Inaugural Walt Disney World 10k design from 2014 is a cute running Minnie design. It’s one of my favorite medals purely based on the race we shared for it. It was the most fun I’ve had on course. The Nerds decided to race together to earn our Minnie bling:


Image credit: RunDisney

Nerds could not simply run a race together. We had to have a plan. And costumes. This is how “Nerds Assemble” came to be one of our battle cries … we dressed as the Avengers!


The Avengers storm the finish line (Photo credit: Helen Dunn)

This race was so enjoyable because we stuck together for most of the miles. When we were separated from Nerd Sara and Jack, the rest of us decided to wait to re-assemble before finishing the race. This resulted in an impromptu cheer stop just inside EPCOT where we cheered, high-fived and Hulk Smashed (fist-bumped) other runners on their way to the finish. The Disney castmembers we joined were entertained and even recognized us in the parks later that day. My favorite moment from the race is a tie between the photo above as we all were coming in to the finish line together and the moment I “Hulk smashed” the finish line.

Running in a full body costume, a wig and ginormous fists was kind of a pain, but it was so worth the fun — and the cute Minnie medal.


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