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Medal Monday — Nerd Erinn’s All-time Favorite

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Welcome to Medal Monday! This is where we share with you our favorite or not-so-favorite medals earned over the years and the stories behind them. Feel free to share your own medal memories with us by emailing Nerd Erinn at Maybe YOUR Medal Monday memory will be shared here!

When I think about my favorite medal I always come back to the 20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon medal from 2013.


20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon medal. Photo credit: Disney Parks

There’s no denying it’s a cool medal with classic Mickey and current Mickey spinning around in the center and flanked with quotes from Walt. My love for this medal has nothing to do with the design. This is the medal from my first marathon. It came after running a half marathon the day before as part of the aptly named Goofy Challenge. Completing it wouldn’t have been possible without friends.

I started the race strong and excited with a group of friends from the former Team AllEars. By mile 15-ish I found myself alone, hot and in need of a cold Coca Cola and people I recognized. That’s when I ran into Ellie, Mary Jean and Evelyn, who were also my Team AllEars teammates. It was Ellie’s first marathon, too. I firmly believe we needed each other in that moment and Mickey knew it. We found a cold Coke thanks to yet another teammate who was cheering on the course and off we went for the last 10 or so miles. They were slow. They weren’t pretty. They probably weren’t even fun. But when you end a race like this, it still makes a beautiful memory:


Helen (far left) joined Ellie, Mary Jean, me and Evelyn for the race’s finish. Make no mistake, Mary Jean and Evelyn were basically holding me upright at that point.

This medal represents camaraderie, perseverance, pride and a little bit of silliness. Each time I catch a glimpse of it on my medal hanger I feel a jolt of inspiration and happiness. It will most likely always be my favorite medal.


First time marathoners, Ellie and Erinn, taste sweet success.



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