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Run, You Clever Nerd 5k/10k Awards and Results

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The second race in the Nerdly Hallows Trilogy was the Run, You Clever Nerd 5k/10k.  We asked you to run your race anywhere in time or space, but preferably from July 20th to 26th.  The only condition was that it needed to be amazing.  770 nerds accepted the challenge and agreed to be our companions for 3.1 or 6.2 miles.

Every registered participant was emailed a race bib with a quote from their favorite regeneration of the doctor.  2% of you chose the man who was born from hope, the 12th Doctor.  3% of you needed only one episode to fall in love with the man who proclaimed NO MORE, the War Doctor.  The Oncoming Storm (9th Doctor) was the favorite version for 6% of you.  10% of nerds loved the Classic Era Doctor, which covers 8 different versions of the mad man with a box.  14% swore on fish fingers and custard to always remember the 11th Doctor.  An amazing 65% of our participants chose the man who burns at the center of the universe, the 10th Doctor.


The Nerd Herd loves the fastest runners and the slowest walkers equally, so we don’t give out prizes for speed.  We reward the nerds who truly embrace the race theme and the ones who make us laugh hardest.  We took a look at every photo on the Run, You Clever Nerd facebook event page to find the Best Costume, Best Running Photo, and Best Use of the Doctor’s Accessories.  We even broke out our timey wimey detector to pick the winners.  (It’s a very sophisticated piece of alien technology.  It goes ding when there’s stuff.)

The winner for Best Costume is Katie Hutchins.  There are two of her!  But they’re both reversing the polarity with their sonic screwdrivers!  (Honestly, one of them might be a Zygon, but we’re not judging.)



The winners for Best Running Photo are Nicolette Martineau, Jessica Martineau, and Arthur Martineau, Jr.  Look at these adorable little whovians!  Unfortunately, there appears to be a size leak affecting the dimensional transcendentalism of their attire.  Doesn’t matter – bow ties are cool!

564, 565, 567
Heather Potterton is the winner for Best Use of the Doctor’s Accessories.  She’s got two dogtors, the scarf, the bow tie, the fez, and she’s the TARDIS.  She’s a woman… and she’s the TARDIS.  She wanted to see the universe, so she stole two time dogs and ran away!

A special thanks goes out to every single nerd who participated in the second race of the Nerdly Hallows Trilogy.  You are loved by so many and so much, and by no one more than us.  Every participant helps us raise money for Stupid Cancer.  The grand total raised will be announced following the last race in the series.  Because Spoilers!  Here are the official results for the Run, You Clever Nerd 5k/10k:

Run, You Clever Nerd 5k Results

Run, You Clever Nerd 10k Results

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