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Seven Days of Giveaways are Coming Your Way!

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NERDS! It brings us great joy to let you know that Seven Days of Giveaways are BAAAACCCKKK!!
YOU get a nerd and YOU get a nerd and YOU get a nerd and EVERYONE gets a nerd!

No, wait, that’s not how it goes.

Beginning on Monday, April 18, we will have seven days of fun and nerdy items to giveaway on our Facebook page. The first six prizes will lead up to the grand giveaway to celebrate our four-year anniversary of the original Nerd Herd Running Virtual Race Series. To be eligible for our prize drawings you must be registered for our trilogy or for the Let the Wookiee Win 5k.  Though it won’t give you extra entries, we invite you to like and share our contest posts on Facebook to help get the word out to everyone else.  Here are some of the potential giveaways:


It’s Our Time medal plaque


Chewy figurine


Companion Tshirt, size Large


And now we come to the grand giveaway.

As you all know Nerd Herd Running’s donations go to support Stupid Cancer, a non profit dedicated to supporting young adult cancer patients and their families.  In past years we have honored those we have lost to cancer by paying forward a kindness. Our grand giveaway is just this — we will pick ONE registered trilogy runner.  That runner will receive ONE FREE TRILOGY REGISTRATION to PAY FORWARD to someone else.  Do you know someone that could benefit from the incentives of three virtual races?  You could be the one to give them that incentive for free.

To register for the entire trilogy to run all three races AND receive the bonus medal, click here.

To register for the Let the Wookiee Win 5k only, click here.

We appreciate all of you from the bottom of our nerdy hearts. We can never begin to truly express how much your support has meant to us.  A simple idea has turned into a network of nerdy runners across the globe and over $75,000 netted to support the fight against cancer.  These giveaways are but a small token of us saying thanks and…EARS UP!

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